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" I really wanted to make a site wi


Born 1965 in Leeds ,Yorkshire, England

Located in Berlin, Germany




College Years :

Moved to London in 1984 To study Acting at Middlesex poly , Ivy house

Qualified in 2 Liscenciates to the Royay Accademy of Music

Studied as Diploma in Dramatic Arts 


First work:

Spent the first 5 years working as a stage technician in Londons West End Theatre scene

Deputy Cheif LX at Cats The Musical..Head Flyman at the Lyric Theatre... Etc... etc


The Brixton Fridge: 1988-1989

My First Expereince of "Real Work"

3 weeks after joining I was given a cheque For £70,000 and told to go and buy a Lighting Rig.....After a quite word with the Cheif Roadie to the effect of "Help... I have no Idea what I am talking about ..Please , Please build me a Rock n Roll lighting Rig".....Everything was sorted and some how 48hrs later, I was a Lighting Guy.

"months later the whole Acidhouse Movement broke loose and I was catapulted into the Dance Culture ...and there was no going back!

Years later I would return to the Fridge Only to find My Friend Dying of Aids.Went for A weekend Stayed for 3 months

and came back a changed man.

A Whole comunity of wonderfull Blokes were dying of AIDS on a daily basis ...going to funerals monday to thursday....Dancing Friday to saturday...not knowing if this was there "last Dance"

I have never ever since even come close to feeling that kind of Energy..mass Energy ,as I did in that 3 months ....with those 4000 guys...And I never will again.


The Fall of the wall: 1989 -1990

I was actually "Just Visiting" Berlin when the Wall came down....It was pure Coincidence..and some how I got a job as a wharehouse Techie in a PA company..and speaking fluent English was a very usefull Talent and supplied me loads of gigs

for all the bands now travelling thru Berlin.


The Tresor Years .

Two Decades of Work Designing And sculpting in the Development of The monotlythic 











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